JCC Summer Camp is for Kids of All Ages

Experience the magic of JCC Summer Camp!

Jewish Community Center  |  3600 Dutchmans Lane  |  Louisville, KY 40205
P: 502-459-0660   |   F: 502-459-6885

JCC Summer Camp is more than just a place where children come to play during the summer. It is a transformative experience that children will remember for the rest of their lives. Every camper will discover, grow and learn within the supportive and safe environment that JCC Summer Camp provides. Whether it’s the new friends your child will make or the first time your child swims across the pool, every camper will come home with new stories about the activities and people at camp. JCC Summer Camp is an experience like no other and it is hard to put into words but it’s all about the smiles and laughter and excitement and campers never wanting to leave and always wanting to come back. We cannot wait for summer 2013!

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