The J Swim School debuts to glowing reviews

Lillian Flower has always loved the water -even before she could stand up and walk. Her parents took her to the ocean and she just kept crawling. If no one had intervened, she would’ve crawled straight into the water, on her way to splish, splash and swim with the dolphins. It’s because of this fascination with the water that Lindsey Flower, Lillian’s mother, knew she needed to make sure Lillian knew how to swim.
“I wanted to be confident in knowing that if something were to happen later on, she would be able to save herself,” Lindsey said. “I felt that in order for her to be safe around water, she needed to understand that water is a lot of fun. But also have the respect that it can also be dangerous.”
When looking for a program to enroll Lillian, Lindsey was looking for a place that aligned with her beliefs and goals–one that would take a hands on approach in the water and solidify a strong swimming skill set in her daughter. The J Swim School believes the skill of swimming is invaluable and has set out to mold their participants into safe, confident swimmers.
The J Swim School’s intimate setting, and lack of reliance on floatation devices are what really sealed the deal on where Lillian would learn to swim.
“The intimacy and really the no floatation apparatus was big for me,” Lindsey said. “For the first two levels she’s been in, it’s been about survival. If she needs to save herself, she’s maybe not going to have on that floatation device.”
A year and a half after enrolling her daughter in swim lessons at The J, Lindsey is more than confident in her daughter’s skills and abilities in the water, even through the changes made to the swim program. For the past six years, swim lessons have been offered through the Lenny Krazylburg Swim Academy. Starting in August, The J launched its new Swim School, a completely new year-round program.
For the Flowers, the biggest change they have seen since the new program debuted is in the new workbooks. Lindsey says she can tell that the Swim School is very focused on getting to the point where the swimmers know the strokes.
“The idea is to make The J the place for swim lessons,” Aquatics Director, Johnny Kimberlin said.
The year-round swim lessons are offered to both children and adults and is designed to teach water safety and the development of proper technique of swim stroke all while instilling a passion for swimming.
The new program is comprised of three parts: water safety, pre-stroke, and stroke. Before moving on to the next level, each participate must complete a proficiency test. Basic skills learned and mastered in the water safety group include floating on their backs, jumping in unaided and essentially developing an independence and level of comfortability in the pool. The pre-stroke group focuses on technique (breathing in the water and getting into position without taking a stroke). Finally the stroke group masters each stroke.
“Lillian is learning how to swim and she’s 4 years old. That’s amazing to me,” Lindsey said. “I’m just amazed at what they do here and how much she loves it and feels comfortable, which makes me comfortable.”
Lessons are offered in private or group lessons and are offered Monday through Thursday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. More information about The J Swim School can be found online at www.jewishlouisville.org/swimschool.

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