Israel Is 22nd in the World

Since Israel’s rebirth as a modern nation in 1948, the tiny state has achieved wonders that almost defy logic. Despite the challenges of terror and war and having to absorb a huge and growing immigrant population from around the world, Israel’s accomplishments are quite amazing.

In its August 16 edition, a Newsweek poll lauded Israel’s accomplishments and ranked it 22nd out of 100 countries surveyed worldwide in the categories of education, health, quality of life, economic dynamism and political environment. In its first-ever ranking of countries, Newsweek set out to answer the question: If you were born today, which country would provide you with the very best opportunity to live a healthy, safe, reasonably prosperous and upwardly mobile life?

Figures show Israel to be the “best” country in the Middle East with a literacy rate of 97.1 percent and a citizenry with an average 15.6 years of schooling. Israel also was named seventh best out of all 100 in the area of health. That should make us all proud.

Since its birth, Louisville’s Jewish community has supported Israel financially, philosophically and without reservation.

“Israel is such a diverse and unique country, that it makes you wonder how its many scientific, medical and agricultural accomplishments might have been advanced even further if such a significant portion of its resources did not have to be directed toward defense,” pondered JCL Vice President Sara Wagner. “Someday Israel’s enemies might become beneficiaries of these noteworthy achievements.”

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