Interfaith Seders in 2009

[Archived from April 3, 2009]

Passover is among the most beloved Jewish holidays. The Seder is rich with traditions, symbolism and memories.

The Passover Seder also offers the Jewish community a unique educational opportunity to reach out to the non-Jewish community, so each year, the Jewish Community Federation’s Community Relations Council offers a model Seder program to area churches and other interested groups.

This year, volunteers led Seders in a dozen different venues. Using a special Haggadah, written specifically to enhance the interfaith experience, each Seder provides a taste of Jewish tradition and the opportunity for participants to ask questions.

This year, Interfaith Seder Program Chair Michael Diedenhoffen led a Seder at St. Margaret Mary Church; Krissy Harrison went to St. Joseph in Jasper Indiana, and Jeff Barr went to St. Frances of Rome.

Ed Segal and Carol Raskin each led Seders for different groups at St. Patrick’s and Tzivia Levin traveled to Pewee Valley to conduct one for St. Aloysuis. Jeff Slynn went to Christ Church United Methodist and Benson Stone went to Solid Rock Church of God.

Not all of the Seders were conducted at churches. Scott Goldman led one at Atria and Peter Anik led one at the University of Louisville.

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