Insider Louisville Covers Jewish Festival of the Book

The Jewish Community of Louisville’s Jewish Festival of the Book is hosting four nationally known authors and one local writer.

But it’s the first author who’s probably going to generate the buzz.

Lisa Baron’s “Life of the Party: A Political Tart Bares All,” rocked the political world when it was released this summer.

Baron is a conservative in politics, but that’s about it, buddying up with the Family Values set when she’s not busy having gratuitous sex and getting high. This is from a review on the Daily Beast site:

A pro-choice, pro-gay Jewish woman who revels in her “trash-talking, booze-swilling, foul-mouth, fornicating” ways even as she spins for the family values crowd, Baron seems to see herself as a loveably insouciant lush, a right-wing Chelsea Handler. She doesn’t seem to have the slightest idea how ugly her self-portrait really is.

Oy! Shanda fur die goy? Even so, hard not to want to hear it from the source!

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