Hundreds Turn Out to Hear Israeli Scouts, Support Israel

Hundreds of children and their families from throughout Louisville gathered on Tuesday, July 29 to hear the Israeli Scouts perform at the JCC.

The Tzofim Friendship Caravan, an outreach group, known for its campy songs, performed for JCC Summer Camp in the afternoon. Campers had a great time dancing in the isles and singing with the Scouts.

A later, evening performance was added for families as a way to show solidarity with Israel during the conflict. “I think people felt a real connection with the kids and thus a connection with Israel,” said Betsy Schwartz, youth and camping director at the JCC.

The Israeli teens did address the conflict, sharing personal thoughts and hopes for the future.

The 10 Israeli teens and two madrachim stayed with the Schwartz, Danovitch, Wagner, Goldberg, Schulman and Koby families overnight before heading off to their next American city on the tour.

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