Hillel Students Enjoy Chocolate Seder

Many of us love Passover and cherish its traditions, but one or two Seders a year is plenty. So what could induce a group of nine college students who are active in Hillel to attend an additional Seder on April 4, even before Passover begins?

Chocolate, of course.

Using a special Chocolate Seder Haggadah, edited by Lauren Chikofsky and Michael Coblenz of Carnegie Mellon University and University of Pittsburgh KESHER, the students gathered at the home of Matt and Lisa Goldberg for the festivities.

Lisa led the students through the ritual, during which the traditional Seder symbols were replaced by various chocolates and other sweet items.

It was a fun way to get into the Passover spirit before Passover.

Hillel, a part of the Jewish Community of Louisville, serves as the center of Jewish life for college students on all Metroversity campuses. Tzivia Levin Kalmes is the Hillel director.

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