Hillel Celebrates Sukkot with Pizza in the Shack

[Archived from October 9, 2009]

Ten Hillel students from several Metroversity schools came to Adath Jeshurun on Monday, October 5, to celebrate Sukkot with “Pizza in the Shack.”

While they enjoyed kosher pizza and desserts in the sukkah, Rabbi Robert Slosberg spoke to them about the significance of the four species and their symbolism, made the blessings on the lulav and etrog and fielded the students’ questions

After dinner, everyone moved to the youth lounge where they watched and discussed the award-winning Israeli film, “Get,” about an Israeli woman whose husband had fled without giving her a get – a Jewish divorce.

During the discussion, Rabbi Slosberg focused on the role of the get in Israeli and American Jewish society, including the Lieberman clause. Adopted by the Conservative movement and incorporated into contemporary ketubot (marriage certificates), this clause gives civil courts the authority to preside over divorces, preventing women from becoming agunot (women abandoned by their husbands, but not free to remarry because their husband’s did not give them a get, and without a get, they are still considered married, notwithstanding the status of a civil divorce.

The students enjoyed the film and asked many good questions.
Rabbi Slosberg, Cantor David Lipp and Congregation Adath Jeshurun hosted this event.

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