Have you considered making a lasting gift to perpetuate your values?


Have you considered making a lasting gift to perpetuate your values?

[by Stew Bromberg, Vice President and Chief Development Officer, Jewish Federation of Louisville]


Today is important, but have you thought about the future? Most of us have taken some time to think about our own future and the future of our family. This is important and something everyone needs to do. But have you thought about the other important aspects of your life? Have you thought about the programs and services provided by the Jewish Community of Louisville within both the Jewish and greater Louisville communities that have helped many people through hard times and good times? Do you hope the wonderful programming will continue to be provided to ensure that your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren learn about their heritage and understand its importance?

Have you considered making a lasting gift to the Louisville Jewish community to ensure the continuation of that programming? Are you concerned about how to begin? If you want to give something back to the Louisville Jewish community, you can make arrangements today, and we are here to help you. We can help you create a lasting partnership with the Jewish Community of Louisville and ensure its future and help you realize your goals and visions.

By including a bequest in your will or trust, your gift can last forever. You can create a permanent legacy through the Jewish Foundation of Louisville, and your name can be memorialized, in perpetuity.

You can specify an amount, a percent or a specific asset be given through your will or trust. You can choose a specific agency or program you want to benefit from your generosity or you can choose to allow the community to make the decisions so your donation helps address the areas of greatest need.

If you choose to make a gift of cash, securities or other property, your estate will receive a tax deduction in the amount of your charitable bequest. If you have already drafted your will, your attorney can help you arrange a charitable bequest with a simple amendment or codicil. There’s no limit on the amount you may set aside from your estate – you may make a gift as large or as small as you’d like.

Your gift will provide crucial support to help our community, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have been able to create a lasting legacy to help those in need, forever.

If you have already included the Jewish Community of Louisville in your legacy planning, we truly thank you. Please let us know so we may properly acknowledge your thoughtfulness.

If you have not done so and would like our help in developing a plan that will meet your philanthropic goals, please contact me at sbromberg@jewishlouisville.org or 238-2755.

Decades from now, you can be there…The Jewish Foundation of Louisville…perpetuating the heart, soul and values of the Jewish Community.



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