Four Attend KDS Event with Pres. Bill Clinton

Louisville’s community size doesn’t rank among the nation’s largest, but that doesn’t stop us from participating in some of the nation’s most important Jewish events. Take the King David Society for example.

This group of the nation’s most generous Jewish donors gathered at an event in West Palm Beach, FL, on March 26 to hear from the leadership of the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) and be treated to a talk with former President Bill Clinton.
Representing the Jewish Community of Louisville were Dale and David Hyman, Louisville’s 2012 King David Society Chair Joe Hertzman, and JCL President and CEO Stu Silberman.

“I’m proud that we were one of only a small number of communities outside Florida that supported the event,” said Hertzman, “and hope that next year even more of Louisville’s King David Society members will choose to attend a national-level event.”

Topics ranged from Middle East issues impacting Israel to how local Federations around the country must change to remain relevant to younger donors. Participants also had a chance to meet Clinton and JFNA CEO Jerry Silverman.

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