Experience and Touch the Soul of Israel The Temple Presents An Israeli Shabbat with Beit Tefilah Israeli

Beit-Tef-Israeli-1170x380pxThe Temple presents an Israeli Shabbat featuring Beit Tefilah Israeli (Israeli House of Prayer) for a unique musical Israeli experience on Friday, November 7, at 7 p.m. and the congregation invites the community to join it to celebrate Shabbat Israeli style.

In this time of crisis, it is essential that we all can continue to find ways to support our beloved Israel. How can we help in times of trouble? How can we support Israel?
We need to be active players in strengthening Israel. It is not enough to stand by Israel. We should stand by and support Israel, but we also need to stand by and support positive elements in Israeli society.

The best thing we can do is to go and visit Israel; and some of us were there this past summer.

Another way is to bring the best that Israel has to offer to our midst. It is thanks to Sonny and Janet Meyer that Beit Tefilah Israeli is coming to The Temple and will share their magic.

Beit Tefilah Israeli is a congregation from Tel Aviv that represents a new and positive phenomenon in Israeli culture and society. They will bring their spirit, music and their own unique style of prayer. This program is going to be a great Israeli and Jewish experience, an exciting, spiritual, joyful and meaningful service. Israel at its best!
So what is the Beit Tefilah Israeli experience all about?

If you dig beneath the surface of Israeli life, you will find a new spirit alive in the country. It is the spirit of young and old, drawing on ancient roots and a very Israeli willingness to improvise, daring to reinvent what it means to be Jewish in the land of Israel.

Join The Temple for this adventure, and see what happens when you mix modern Israeli culture with traditional liturgy, rabbis and world-class Tel Aviv musicians. Experience Beit Tefilah Israeli – an innovative, independent Israeli congregation, famous for unique summer services at the Tel Aviv Port.

This service will integrate Israeli and pop music, poetry and the ancient words of our people. Led by Rabbi Esteban Gottfried, Beit Tefilah Israeli, Tel Aviv, Israel, and four great Israeli musicians and singers

The Beit Tefilah Israeli Ensemble represents the special spirit of the Tel Aviv prayer that combines the old and the new, the ancient and the modern; in an open, inclusive, creative and liberal atmosphere, inspired by the first Hebrew city: Tel Aviv.

Everyone is welcome.

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