Endow Kentucky Program Benefits Donors

For a short time, there is a way that you can help the Jewish community while receiving both a federal tax deduction and a credit on your Kentucky taxes for a charitable contribution through the Endow Kentucky Tax Credit program. The Jewish Foundation of Louisville has the details.

Leveraging the Endow Kentucky Tax Credit, in cooperation with the Louisville Community Foundation, most donors who make an endowment gift will receive a 100 percent federal tax deduction and a 20 percent state tax credit on contributions up to $50,000 per individual made between now and June 30, 2012 (check with your tax advisor to see if you qualify.)

When you choose to participate in Endow Kentucky, the income from your gift will benefit the Jewish Community of Louisville in perpetuity, but the tax credit is only available for a short time – until either the June 30 deadline or when the remaining approximately $200,000 for the current fiscal year is distributed to qualified donors. So now is the time to act.

It is very important that you contact the Jewish Foundation of Louisville before you send in your donation if you want it to qualify under this plan. There is paperwork that must be filed before the donation can be made.

The Jewish Foundation of Louisville will work with the Louisville Community Foundation to process all forms on behalf of donors. Several other investment vehicles are also available, and a representative of the Jewish Foundation would be happy to discuss them all with interested donors.

For more information, contact Matt Goldberg at the JCL, mgoldberg@jewishlouisville.org or 238-2707.

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