Drew Corson AZA and Jay Levine BBG Finished Term Strong with Year end Events

Drew Corson AZA and Jay Levine BBG finished their term strong with their end of year events.

Jay Levine BBG held its third annual chapter convention from May 30-31 at Hawthorne Suites. During the event, the girls inducted their newest members into the chapter, completed the lives ceremony for the seniors and had lots of fun during their last sleepover of the term. Hawthorne Suites generously donated the use of the facility to the girls.

Drew Corson AZA’s end of year event was a pizza dinner and Ultimate Frisbee competition at the JCC. Fun was had by all and it was a great end of the term.

Both chapters are looking forward to the fall when their new term begins.

Editor’s Note: For more information about BBYO, contact Mike Steklof at msteklof@jewishlouisville.org or call 502-238-2774.

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