Donor Advised Funds (Endowment)

A Donor-Advised Fund allows you to recommend grants to qualified charitable organizations of your choice. Donors receive tax advantages associated with gifts to public charities and the convenience of a professionally managed charitable fund with no administrative charges.

With a donor-advised fund, you focus on your charitable giving. JCL writes and mails the checks to grant recipients, keeps track of contributions, and prepares detailed reports. At tax time, the only thing you need to produce is a receipt of the contributions you made to the fund during the previous year.


Establishing a Donor-Advised Fund (Endowment)

If you would like to establish a donor-advised fund, otherwise known as an endowment, please contact the Jewish Foundation of Louisville staff at (502) 459-0660.  Everyone’s endowment is unique and JCL takes pride in crafting your endowment to meet what’s best for you.

  1. Start your fund with a $10,000 minimum contribution to the Jewish Community of Louisville of cash, appreciated stock or other assets.
  2. Recommend an investment option to help your earnings grow tax-free.
  3. Recommend donations to your favorite charities by completing the Grant Recommendation Form. JCL prepares and mails the checks for you.
  4. Grants are processed bi-monthly.


Donor Benefits

  • Immediate tax deduction regardless of when distributions are made.
  • Simplified record keeping and paperwork for easy tax preparation.
  • Professional management with no fee.
  • Your fund assets grow tax free.

For more information contact Stew Bromberg, (502) 238-2755 or
The Jewish Community of Louisville does not provide legal advice.  Donors are encouraged to consult their independent tax and legal counsel.

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