Dinner Planned in Honor of B’nai Tzedekers

Young people who became philanthropists by starting B’nai Tzedek Funds are invited to a dinner in their honor on Wednesday, May 23, at 6 p.m. at the Jewish Community Center auditorium. The invitation is also extended to their immediate family – parents, siblings and grandparents – and their friends.

The program will also include an opportunity to learn more about several charities, and B’nai Tzedekers will be able to announce their decisions about where they want to make their donations.

Each B’nai Tzedeker has a philanthropic endowment fund in his/her own name. Most funds are established at the time when a child becomes bar/bat mitzvah by investing a minimum of $300 into the fund, often from gifts the child receives at the time of the simcha. The Jewish Foundation of Louisville adds $200 from the Lewis D. Cole B’nai Tzedek Fund.

Each individual B’nai Tzedek fund earns interest and grows when additional investments are added to the fund by either the fund holder or someone else who chooses to make a donation to that fund.

The Foundation’s Investment Commit-tee determines a percentage of all endowment funds it holds that can be allocated in a given year. That percentage is applied to each individual fund, including the B’nai Tzedek funds, so each donor knows how much he/she can allocate that year.

Then the fun begins. Each B’nai Tzedeker, armed with the knowledge of how much is available for him/her to allocate, decides where those charitable dollars should go. This B’nai Tzedek dinner will offer the participants the information they need to make an informed decision and allow them to announce their choices publicly.

In addition, each B’nai Tzedeker in attendance at this dinner will be recognized for the number of years he/she has participated in the program.

There is no fee for this dinner; however, reservations are required so there will be sufficient food for everyone. A Vaad-approved option will be available upon advance request.

To reserve your place, please contact David Siskin, 238-2701 or dsiskin@jewishlouisville.org, or register online at www.jewishlouisville.org.

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