Dalin Spoke about Brandeis at Senior University

The Temple’s Senior University 2016 was a success, thanks to a group of the articulate and influential speakers. This series was brought back by demand from past participants, this year was titled “Back by Popular Demand.”

The program included a number of speakers from many professions, who spoke knowledgeably and with passion. The keynote speaker was Rabbi David Dalin, who is a Conservative rabbi, who has authored and co-authored an impressive number of books on American Jewish history and politics, as well as Jewish-Christian relations.

In his keynote address, “Louis D. Brandeis: The First Jewish Supreme Court Justice,” Rabbi Dalin discussed the struggles and successes that faced Brandeis, both leading up to his appointment by President Woodrow Wilson to the Supreme Court, as well as during his time in office, 1916-1939.

In the face of seemingly overwhelming anti-Semitism, Brandeis’s appointment to the Supreme Court was approved. He was a radical advocate for social reform and was able to lobby for significant change. The program also included a number of workshops including Jewish Magic and Superstition, Shakespeare, Israeli Politics, Passover Desserts, Medical Ethics, Genetics, Political Campaigns in a Country Divided, Haggadah Musical Musings, and even a bit of comedy.

Senior University continues to thrive and grow thanks to the contributions of both the presenters and the attendees. The committees, volunteers, planners and all those involved have helped to make this program an amazing experience for everyone.

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