Consuming Louisville Interviews CenterStage Director John Leffert

Name: John R. Leffert

Theater Organization You’re Involved With: CenterStage

Role Within That Organization: Artistic Director

Why do you choose to be involved in theater in general and this specific organization? Theatre is and always has been something I love. I feel very strongly that theatre is a way to speak to the masses in a way that people can relate and learn. It is a creative outlet for me and it gives me a voice for things that are important to me. I am lucky enough that theatre is also my full time job. It is great to have a job doing something I love.

What one thing should people know about your organization? We are a Community Theatre with Professional quality Productions. We strive for an eclectic season that has something for everyone. The professional quality of every aspect of our productions is what continues to bring people back again and again.

What upcoming production (that you’re involved with) are you most excited about? Little Shop of Horrors is a show that is on my “list” of shows that I want to direct. I cannot wait to get my hands on this brilliant piece of theatre.

What one important thing can people do to support your organization (buy tickets, volunteer, etc)? Support by buying tickets and attending. This really is the most important way to support any theatre. We try to survive on ticket sales. Not only will this directly support any theatre, but word of mouth will then help sell the show.

What do you think of the theater community in Louisville? It is strong in Louisville. There definitely is something for everyone. The only negative I would say is that it seems there are now so many new companies that we are competing with each other and I am not sure if Louisville can support so many theatre companies. I wish everyone continued success and hope I am wrong.

If you could only ever see productions from one theater company besides your own which one would it be? Broadway Series. Since I cannot make it to the city all the time, it is way to stay in touch with the best in our business.

What is yourfavorite play? Cabaret. We have performed this piece twice. I love Kander and Ebb and think Cabaret is one of the most powerful pieces aver written.

What is the best play you’ve ever seen performed? Too difficult to name as everyone is unique and different in it s own way. Each piece speaks to different things and different people. As I said in the question prior, Cabaret is one of my favorites. I love Wicked and think it is brilliant.

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