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Doggie Dip 2022


Register for Doggie Dip 2022!Doggie Dip is a favorite end-of-summer event that you won’t want to miss. Bring your dogs and enjoy the pool one last time before it closes for the season. The diner will be open for human …


Melton Summer Session at Adath Jeshurun

Adath Jeshurun 2401 Woodbourne Avenue , Louisville

Join us for another Melton class with Deborah Slosberg - "Modern Living: Maintaining Balance." “What place should work play in our lives? How do we balance the needs of young children and aging parents? What about time for our own …

Annual Adath Jeshurun Cemetery Service

Adath Jeshurun Cemetery 2926 Preston Highway, Louisville

We come together at the place where so many of our dear ones sleep their eternal sleep. In a way that we cannot explain, we feel closer to their spirit by being near their final resting place. We pay tribute …