Chef Gina Brown Brings the Kitchen to The J’s Children

photo1Mix, knead, roll and cut. Young children are invited to discover the art of cooking at The J’s Curious Chef Cooking Classes on Wednesdays and Fridays beginning September 9.

Chef Gina Brown, owner of Every Day Fresh, will instruct your children with age-appropriate recipes and help them develop culinary skills. Have a finicky eater? Let Chef Brown help expose them to a variety of new foods and healthy eating.

These up and coming chefs will have hands-on fun as they learn the fundamentals to being great cooks: math, science, reading and social skills.

At the end of the program, your young chefs will get their very own aprons and recipe books so they can show you all they’ve learned.

Chef Brown said she’ll focus on vegetables and some fruits throughout the classes.

“My goal is to expose the kids to different fruits and veggies,” Brown said. “It’s surprising how many kids have never tried something like kiwi or papaya.”

Chef Brown gave away one of her recipes that she’ll have the pre-k children making: Vegetable Sushi.

“We’ll use rollers to flatten crust-less white bread and smear on an avocado cream cheese spread,” Brown said.

Then the children will have to choose three vegetables to roll inside their “sushi.”

“The kids will be required to choose at least three vegetables so that they’re not just eating bread and cream cheese,” Brown said.

Chef Brown will take time to teach the children the importance of each vegetable that they’ll be putting into their foods. Some vegetables the children will be cooking with are carrots, asparagus and jicama.

The Pre-K cooking classes are Fridays September 9-30, from 4:15-5 p.m. The grades K-2 cooking classes are Wednesdays, 4:30-5:30 p.m., September 9-28 at Children’s Place inside the J.

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