Chabad of Kentucky

3706 Dutchmans Lane
Louisville, KY 40205-3217
Phone: (502) 235-5770

Chabad of Kentucky is one of the more than 4,000 branches of the Chabad Lubavitch Movement, the world’s largest international organization involved with Jewish education and outreach programming. Chabad offers numerous options for Jewish learning on every level, including adult education, youth programs and programs tailored for Jews enlisted in the army and even those incarcerated in prison.

Neshei Louisville’s Women of Worth, a project of Chabad of Kentucky, creates an opportunity for all Jewish women in the area to meet new friends, socialize and learn in an informal setting. At the beginning of each new month, the group holds a fun and informative hands-on evening exploring and celebrating the special role of Jewish women.

Chabad of Kentucky instituted a lunch ’n’ learn in December of 1985. It has run continuously for over 25 years as a place for Jewish professionals in the downtown area to meet and enjoy a kosher lunch while learning about the traditions and lessons of the Jewish faith. There is a similar program offered each month sharing the teachings of Kabbalah as a guide for daily life.

On each Jewish holiday, Chabad provides community-wide Jewish awareness programs such as a traveling Sukkah Mobile, Chanukah menorah lightings, a family Purim feast and celebration and a day in the park to celebrate Lag b’Omer. These programs are open to all members of the Jewish community without regard to affiliation or background.

Chabad sponsors Gan Israel Day Camps, which are part of the largest network of Jewish camping worldwide. Gan Izzy, which offers a three-week summer camp and a one-week winter camp for children ages 4-11, is aimed at instilling Jewish pride and identity in the children through trips, songs, stories and study.

Chabad also offers classes and holiday celebrations for Russian immigrants in Louisville.

Rabbi Avrohom Litvin, Regional Director
Rabbi Boruch Susman, Youth/College Activities
Rabbi Chaim Litvin, Program Director

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