Chabad House to open Aug. 1; many programs planned

On August 1, a new Chabad House in Louisville will open just minutes away from the Jewish Community Center. The Chabad House will welcome all people and aim to assist and guide them in their journey towards G-d and goodness.

A Chabad House is a unique institution in a Jewish community, Rabbi Avrohom Litvin, regional director of Chabad of Kentucky, said. Chabad is synonymous for caring and helping – as seen by the over 4000 Chabad centers across the country and more than 70 countries around the world. House is synonymous for the place you feel most at home.

Together, Chabad House will be the place where each person can connect to G-d in a non-judgmental and informal setting, he continued. Everyone is welcome. There is no membership and no requirement to pay in order to pray. Chabad House will be that safe place to explore G-dliness with joy, friends and family.

Rabbi Avrohom Litvin, regional director of Chabad of Kentucky, explained “The ABC’s of Chabad House will be its caring staff – Rabbis Avrohom, Boruch and Chaim. But just as the alphabet has more letters than just ABC, each person who attends the Chabad House will be invited to bring their own personal letter and join together to form the most beautiful words and phrases imaginable.”

Rabbi Susman added, “Only when all of our letters are united, can we really express the joy of Judaism.”

Do you like to study? Chabad House may have something for you. Torah Studies, Lunch ’N Learn, and BLT (Bagels Lox and Torah) are a few examples of classes being offered.

Are you a bit more spiritual than studious? “A Taste of Two Spirits” is a class that combines the study of spiritual texts with a l’chayim of kosher spirits of another kind. Are you interested in meditation, prayer or ancient and modern Jewish heroes? Chabad House will offer those classes as well.

If your child is 6 weeks to 18 months old, then you might enjoy Mommy and Me classes. If you are a senior with time on your hands, you may enjoy a different kind of interactive adult learning experience. If you are interested in joining a book club, or a kosher cooking or baking class, Chabad has that too. And if you like cholent, gefilte fish, kugel and the festive feeling of a Shabbos meal celebrated with friends – then T.G.I.S. – “Thank G-d it’s Shabbos” Friday night dinners may be exactly the right fit for you.

Special programs will be offered for children, teens and young adults. Women will be offered specially designed programming as well. The one unifying thread among all the classes and programming, Rabbi Litvin says, will be the feeling that the Chabad House has been created to be the home away from home for every person who seeks to find out more about their Jewish heritage or develop more of a connection with G-d.

There will be a mezuzah hanging ceremony and official opening on Labor Day Weekend. For more information visit


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