Chabad Chai Center Set to Open March 25

[by Rabbi Baruch Sussman]

G-d willing, on Sunday, March 25, there will be the Chanukat Habayit (grand opening) of the Chabad Chai Center of Louisville. The focus of the Chabad Chai Center will be to provide Torah, Judaism and Jewish pride to all of Louisville. The Chabad Chai Center is open to all Jews regardless of their background or affiliation.

The Chabad Chai Center will offer unique classes, programs and experiences for the needs of the entire Jewish community.

On the second and fourth Shabbats of every month there will be TGIS – Thank G-d it Shabbat. This will be a Friday night introductory service followed by a Shabbat meal with all the trimmings, wine, challah, gefilte fish, matzo ball soup, chicken, meat and, of course, dessert, emphasizing the joy and celebration of the Shabbat experience.

There will be weekly Torah classes for adults. Through the teaching of the Parsha (the weekly portion), participants will gain understanding about how the week’s Torah lesson pertains to us in a modern world and strengthens our mind, body and soul.


Every holiday will have a special program explaining the holiday and our relationship with it. In addition, the Chabad Chai Center will offer “hands-on Judaism” holiday workshops for children, who will make their own shofars for Rosh Hashanah, menorahs and olive oil for Chanukah and handmade Matzahs for Passover. There will also be other fun and enriching workshops.

Other planned programs will include brunches, lunch and learn opportunities, monthly women’s classes and programs, and classes, programs and outings for high school students and college students.

The goal of the Chabad Chai Center is to ignite a spark in each and every Jew and to encourage all to embrace our rich heritage. Everyone is invited to take part in all programs; it’s your Jewish home away from home.

The Chabad Chai Center is co-directed by Rabbi Boruch Susman and his wife, Rebbetzin Chaya Susman, under the tuition of Rabbi Avrohom Litvin, head rabbi and director of Chabad of Kentucky.
The Chabad Chai Center is located at 8701 Shelbyville Rd.

For more information please call 882-0770.

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