Campaign Volunteers Learn from National Expert Jane Stein

The Annual Campaign is the lifeblood of Louisville’s Jewish community, providing the support necessary to help Jewish families-in-need here in Louisville, in Israel and around the world, and sustaining the agencies and programs on which we have come to depend.

The Campaign enables Jewish Family & Career Services to offer clients the help they need, even when they can’t afford the fees. It provides for the infrastructure of the Louisville Jewish community from enabling the JCL to offer the Melton Adult-Mini School to ensuring Jewish educational opportunities are available for our children to granting scholarship assistance to those who cannot afford to participate in Jewish life and much more.

Raising the money the community needs is not an easy job. Ralph Green is chairing the 2011 Jewish Community of Louisville Annual Campaign, and Jennifer Leibson and David Kaplan are co-chairing the Young Adult Campaign, but they can’t do it alone. They need the help of many volunteers from across the community.

On Thursday, November 4, nearly 25 community members stepped forward to say you can count on me. They came to a Campaign volunteer training session at JFCS’s Roth Family Center to learn how to be successful fund-raisers.

Jane Stein, a successful trainer from Norfolk, VA, used a combination of games and anecdotes to demonstrate her own methods, stressing the importance of having conversations with people and listening to their concerns.

Amy Ryan chaired this event.


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