Campaign chair invites seniors to reminisce at old-fashioned Campaign event October 6

[by Shiela Steinman Wallace, Editor]

When Doug Gordon stepped up to chair the 2014 Federation Campaign, he promised to work hard for its success, to complete the work as quickly as possible, to be creative and to inject some fun into the process.He enjoys looking back and reminiscing.

So he thought, “when I was just a youngster, I have fond memories of individual volunteers standing up for the best interests of the community and leading the charge to raise hope for those Jews in Louisville less fortunate and to unite support for the State of Israel.”

If that’s how it was back then, why not bring that energy forward to the 2014 Campaign? To start the ball rolling, Gordon has announced a special event for people 65 and over. The “Happy Days Are Here Again” event will be on Sunday, October 6, at 10:30 a.m. at the Jewish Community Center. Transportation available upon advance request.

This will be a time to swap stories about the old Campaigns, Gordon explained. Bring your old photos and memorabilia. Join us for brunch, some local entertainment and a chance to see how much you remember about the good old days in a game of “Second Street Trivia.”

Of course, this is a Campaign event, so you’ll have the opportunity to make your 2014 Campaign pledge. “Why should it take us over 12 months to complete a campaign?” Gordon said. “The way I see it, you have made a consistent annual gift to the campaign, so let’s continue that tradition and celebrate our philanthropy together, enjoying the great feeling of tzedakah together, and doing it in a day instead of over 12 months. Make sense? Just say ‘YES’ and dare to break the cycle!”

It’s a great way to keep our community strong, support the State of Israel, help Jews in need around the world and have time left to schmooze and have a good time.

Be sure to let the Jewish Federation know you’re coming so there’s enough food for everyone. RSVP to Mary Jean Timmel, 238-2739 or by October 2.



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