Birthright Next Keeps the Connection Going

Birthright israel is the highly regarded program that provides young people, ages 18-26, a free 10-day Israel with their peers if they have not previously participated in an organized trip to Israel. But what happens when these young people return to their hometowns.

The answer is Birthright Next.

Once young adults have made the connection to Israel and the Jewish community by going on a birthright israel trip, Birthright Next lets them continue those connections on their college campuses and in their hometowns.

A Birthright Next program was scheduled in Louisville, and the group met for the first time on Friday, February 12, at the home of Anna Fishman. They lit Shabbat candles, enjoyed a home-cooked Shabbat dinner and shared pictures of their Israel trips.

More Shabbat dinner gatherings will be planned in the future.

For more information, contact Tzivia Levin, 618-5308 or

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