Ben Gurion Society marks end of Campaign with dinner at the Salamons

Ben Gurion Society Chairs Michael and Beth Salamon welcomed members of the group to their home on Saturday, May 18, for dinner and drinks and to thank them for their leadership gifts to the 2013 Federation Campaign.

The Salamons recognized the members of the group as today’s leaders in the Young Adult Division (YAD) and tomorrow’s leaders of the Louisville Jewish Community. They also thanked YAD Director Tzivia Levin for her hard work.

YAD Chair Ariel Kronenberg also thanked the group and took advantage of the opportunity them to announce that Beth Salamon will receive the Joseph J. Kaplan Young Leadership Award and Ben Vaughan will receive the Lewis W. Cole Memorial Young Leadership Award. Both awards will be presented at the Jewish Community of Louisville’s Annual Meeting, Monday, June 3, at 7 p.m. at the Jewish Community Center.


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