At Camp Tikkun Olam, teens assess projects, make grants to charities

At Camp Tikkun Olam, teens assess projects, make grants to charities | Proposals for allocations up to $1000 are considered

Working toward tikkun olam, the repair of the world, is a core Jewish value, so it is a natural fit to introduce teems to the concept by having them spend a week in a summer camp tikkun olam program.

That’s just what the Louisville Jewish Community Center did this year, and the Jewish Teen Funders Network helped make Camp Tikkun Olam by selecting it to be part of a teen philanthropy program.

A group of teens at Camp Tikkun Olam are participating in a group process of learning about giving to non-profit organizations and how non-profit organizations function. Campers will act as a foundation board, reviewing proposals submitted in response to RFPs (requests for proposals), going on site visits and awarding a grant to their selected non-profit organization.

The Louisville JCC Summer Camp-Camp Tikkun Olam Repairing the World Teen Foundation, with the support of the Jewish Teen Funders Network, announced the availability of grant funds to support projects for:

“Building and sustaining an enriched, caring and connected community ensuring a vibrant future in Louisville, KY, Israel, and worldwide.”

Grant requests for up to $1000 are being considered. The requests received range from animal shelters, children’s hospitals and therapy dog programs to community gardens, and food banks.

The participants in the camp are Gabriella Aberson, Ben Bedichevsky, Eliza Brodsky, Derrick Couch III, Alexis Desmond, Dawson Dornick, Micah Ehrman, Garrett Grubbs, Emily Renco, Elijah Shina, Spencer Shina, Benjamin Wilga, and Jonah Wilga. The program director is Rachel Lipkin.

Watch the next issue of Community for their decisions.

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