Arts & Ideas Intermission FAQs

FAQ CenterStage Main Stage

I had purchased Mamma Mia tickets or had a ticket with my season subscription. Who do I contact about a refund/raincheck/donating the ticket?

After June 12, you will need to contact the Arts and Ideas general phone number at 502-238-2709 or email JArts&Ideas@jewishlouisville.org

I was a season sponsor for 2019-20. Will part of my sponsorship be deferred/refunded/prorated and who should I contact?

All CenterStage sponsors and donors should contact Angie Fleitz at 502-238-2767 or afleitz@jewishlouisville.org for options.

Will there be a 2020-21 CenterStage Season? When will it start?

There is currently not an opening date set and we have not announced production titles. We have intentions to continue the season in 2020-21, but this is still an unknown at this time. We appreciate your patience as we navigate these unprecedented times and will report back soon as soon as we know more.

Please be reassured that the J has always valued the arts since its beginnings. CenterStage is the oldest theatre in the region, with 105 consecutive seasons. This is an intermission, not a final bow. We will be up and running again as soon as we can.

When will auditions for the new season start?

Notice for auditions will be posted a minimum of four weeks prior to the audition date on the website and social media. Currently, there is no opening date nor are any auditions scheduled.


FAQ: Arts & Ideas Education Program

Is there a summer camp acting program this year (Spotlight Camp)?

Yes, Spotlight Camp is happening, and enrollment is open. Dates are July 6-17 (grades K-3) and July 20-31 (grades 4-8).

Will CenterStage Academy be scheduled for the fall?

Currently, we intend to have Academy in the Fall, but this is still an unknown at this time. We do not currently have a registration date. Please follow our website and social media to stay up-to-date.

Is Acting Out going to continue to tour schools in Fall 2020?

Currently, we intend to continue Acting Out in the Fall, but this is still an unknown at this time.

Other Programs/General

Why is the staff being furloughed and when will they return?

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the JCC closed its physical doors on March 16. The organization was optimistic in April when it received notice that retaining fulltime staff would be possible through the CARES Act Paycheck Protection loan program. Unfortunately, as the length of the closure continued and with CARES Act funding expiring on June 12, the financial loss had become insurmountable and the JCC had to make the difficult decision to furlough a group of staff members. At this point, there is not a time-table as to when these staff members back may be brought back.

How and how often will we receive updates?

Updates will be given when we have new information to share. Our organization will stay in touch via email and on our website and social media.

Are any virtual Arts & Ideas classes or programs being offered?

At this time, no. In the meantime, we do have an Arts & Ideas Virtual J webpage and Facebook page with crafts, talks and interviews. You can view them here:

Will Louisville’s Got Talent be held in 2021?

This event is currently on-hold and is being reassessed in late July.

Is there a way I can contact one of the Arts & Ideas staff during the furlough?

The Arts & Ideas staff will not be able to answer any questions about the J and cannot perform any duties for the J during the furlough. This includes answering any communications related to work or their positions.

I have a time-sensitive issue about CenterStage or another Arts + Ideas program. Who should I contact?

Please contact us at JArts&Ideas@jewishlouisville.org

We appreciate your patience for a response while staff and hours are limited.

Is the J’s gym/pool open?

Yes! You can find our latest reopening information here: https://jewishlouisville.org/the-j/welcomeback/reopening-information/. You can also join the J at this time as a new member. The J is open and accessible to everyone, regardless of age, race, religion, national origin or special need.

How can I help CenterStage or Arts + Ideas?


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