Teen Topics 02/11/11

[by Hayley Grossman]

As the first month of the New Year comes to an end, there are many Jewish events to remember. The youth of the Jewish community are off to a great start and will continue to grow even stronger.

This past December was BBYO’s KIO Regional Convention: “One Life, One List, Your Buried Life.” Teens from the KIO region learned about fulfilling their dreams and figured out what they want to do in the Jewish community. Also, members decided they would do a little tikkun olam to help other teens dreams come true as well. We did community service projects such as a Penny War for the forest fires in Israel.

At this awesome convention, Sarah Ensign and Nathan Spielberg were honored for their leadership on Regional Board. They both did an amazing job and had a very successful year leading over 200 kids from cities in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. Kentucky continues its strong leadership role in BBYO in the region. Sophie Reskin was elected Regional Morah, vice president of recruitment, retention, and re-education. Louisville BBYO could not be more proud of her!

On January 23, Chapter elections were held. The new boards for boys and girls are very strong, and we are all looking forward to the great things they will do.

In keeping with the strong Jewish involvement of the Spielberg family, our new presidents are Klaire and Jacob Spielberg. On Tuesday, January 25, BBYO held a CPK fundraiser event. Twenty percent of proceeds went to Louisville BBYO. Be on the lookout for another CPK fundraiser event.

Last during this month, the girls chapter met with the International N’siah Arielle Braude. This was a great chance for the girls to ask questions and see who is in charge of the BBYO International order. Jay Levine BBG was so happy she came!

On February 6, Louisville BBYO held their Annual Bowling Event. This was open to second semester eighth through 12th grade The event went great with over 50 people in attendance.

Louisville BBYO is off to a great start and is so excited to see what the future leaders of the Jewish youth community will do!

Also, February 26 will be the girl chapter’s 6 folds sleepover. Stay on the lookout for more information to come!

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