Christian Groups in Kentucky Honor Israel

Israel has many friends in the Christian world, and in Kentucky, several Churches have recently held or are planning programs in support of Israel. At these gatherings, Christians are called on to speak out for Israel and to embrace the Jewish community as friends.

New Life Church in Bowling Green held a Night to Honor Israel on February 26, and the Jewish Community of Louisville’s immediate past Jewish Community Relations Council Chair Leon Wahba was among the speakers,  where he received a standing ovation after his presentation which lauded the State of Israel

On Sunday, March 4, Living Waters Church in Shelbyville, KY, held a Gathering of Solidarity with the State of Israel during their regular Sunday morning service. The featured speaker was Col. John Somerville, the Central Regional coordinator for Christians United for Israel. Col. Somerville, a former intelligence analyst in the U.S. Marine Corps, spoke about the precarious situation Israel is in with regards to regional turmoil, and he also spoke about the need for Christians to embrace Jewish people without agenda or condition


Evangel World Prayer Center on Billtown Road is planning a Night to Honor Israel later this year, details will follow.

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