Ambassador profile Tammy Behr comfortable in her own skin, physically and spiritually

Tammy Behr

(Editor’s note: This is the latest in a series of profiles on the ambassadors of the 2019-20 Annual Campaign.)
Tammy Behr is a big believer in, and contributor to, the Jewish Federation of Louisville, even though the Louisville businesswoman was born a Southern Baptist.
“I was not raised Jewish. I chose to be Jewish,” said Behr, a Louisville native. “When my husband and I got married, it wasn’t a deal breaker; he just said to do what is in your heart.”
Behr has always been comfortable in her own skin. Witness her new business, Love Your Behr Skin, her successful skin consulting firm. Love your Behr Skin, helps people look and feel their best.
Spiritually, though, Behr’s journey has not been so easy.
“I was raised in a strict family,” she said. “You went to church on Sunday and Bible study on Wednesday night; you just did it. It never made sense to me. I was questioning.”
In college, Behr took several different classes on religion, searching for what felt right.
It wasn’t until she met her husband, Mark, that it all came together.
“I met with our rabbi and started discussions with him about Judaism,” she said. “The more I talked with him, and the more I studied, the more I realized I’ve [been] Jewish my whole life. It just feels right.
“In my mind, I always thought the life of a Jew meant what you can’t do and what you have to do. But then I realized [being Jewish is] what I choose to do and get to do. I get to go to services and get to say prayers with my family.”
Once she decided on her Jewish path, she said everything fell into place. The Jewish community embraced her, and she embraced them right back.
“I believe that everybody has a role,” Behr said. “Any little thing you do to get involved is one step and one piece of the puzzle. That’s what I want my daughter to see. You don’t have to be raised a certain way and you don’t have to believe a certain way, but you have to contribute however you can.”
With her spiritual self in place, Behr’s professional career has taken off. A nurse by trade, she chose a more flexible career when she became a mother. Always into skincare, Behr started Love Your Behr Skin.
“My business is great. I feel if you are confident in how you look, it carries over into all aspects of your life.”
Now Behr feels truly comfortable in her skin, physically and spiritually.
“I am a very, very happy person,” She said. “My life is great. I would not change one thing, not one.”

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