APPKI Condemns Failed Terrorism Attempt in NY

May 6, 2010 – The Association of Physicians of Pakistani descent of Kentucky and Indiana (APPKI), along with other organizations of Americans of Pakistani decent throughout North America, strongly condemn and reject the cowardly act of attempted terrorism in New York City. We stand together with our fellow Americans in saying no to all forms of terrorism.

We applaud the bravery and proactive response shown by common citizens and law enforcement agencies that potentially saved hundreds of innocent lives. This shows the resilience and strong determination of our people to fight the criminals who have no respect for human lives. Terrorism does not differentiate on the bases of race and religion and is a common enemy of humanity. We are positive that the alleged perpetrator of this most recent terrorist attempt will receive the appropriate punishment for his cowardly act, if found guilty of his alleged crime.

Pakistani Americans of Louisville had a meeting with Special Agent In Charge Louisville Division on May 6 to better understand how we can continue to work with our fellow citizens and law enforcement agencies in keeping our communities and country safe and free from those who spread hatred. This meeting was attended by over forty physicians and other professionals of Pakistani origin who offered their unconditional support to bureau in exposing suspicious behavior. FBI officials in turn reassured that they would investigate and provide assistance if there is any hate crime innocent citizens. We would continue to institute programs to educate our community members and to reach out to our fellow citizens in securing our homeland against any terrorist act.

We hope that this incident would not lead to a back-lash against hundreds of thousands of law abiding Pakistani Americans who have adopted USA as their homeland to cherish the liberties and opportunities given to them by the land of free and brave.

Asim Piracha
President, APPKI

Editor’s Note: The Association of Physicians of Pakistani descent of Kentucky and Indiana has been working with the Jewish community this year. They made a significant contribution to Hope for Haiti through the joint Keneseth Israel/Temple Shalom tikkun olam project shortly after the earthquake. They have also begun an interfaith dialogue group with the Jewish community, working with the Jewish Community of Louisville’s Community Relations Council.

The Jewish community has experienced similar backlash in the past and understands APPKI’s concerns. We look forward to continuing to work with our friends to build bridges of understanding and mutual support.

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