Anshei Sfard shrinks, considers its future


Anshei Sfard shrinks, considers its future

From time to time, rumors spread through the Louisville community. While they may be based on some facts, they often contain erroneous information. In recent weeks, numerous rumors have been circulating regarding Congregation Anshei Sfard. In an interview with Community, Anshei Sfard’s president, Dr. Roy Hyman, set the record straight.

“Like every congregation,” he said, “we’re shrinking.” In addressing the issues presented by a smaller congregation with fewer financial resources, Anshei Sfard is “entering a transitional period,” he added.

At present, the congregation has a bigger building than it needs, and that facility is expensive to maintain. “Should a buyer come along and offer a price we would accept, we would sell the building and build another,” that would match the congregation’s current needs and be more cost efficient to operate, Dr. Hyman said.

With respect to clergy, Dr. Hyman indicated that the congregation is not looking to make a major change. “Rabbi [Avrohom] Litvin has other interests,” he said, “and we’re trying to figure out how to transition so that Rabbi Litvin is also able to pursue his interest.”

In addition to serving Congregation Anshei Sfard, Rabbi Litvin leads Chabad of Kentucky and is instrumental in the Louisville Jewish Day School, among other things.

In an attempt to be proactive and strengthen the congregation, Dr. Hyman and fellow congregants Brian and Judy Wallace are participating in a recruitment fair in New York this month, where they hope to entice Orthodox Jewish families from other communities to consider moving to Louisville.


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