Annual Campaign Endowments

Perpetuate your family name, the name of an honored individual and your commitment to Jewish continuity by establishing an annual campaign endowment fund. An annual campaign endowment permanently endows your annual gift to the Jewish Community of Louisville Annual Campaign.

Establishing an Endowment

By providing a permanent endowment you will help JCL prepare both for needs we can anticipate and for unexpected occurrences. Your endowment fund can be created using almost any type of asset, including cash, appreciated assets (such as common stock, real estate or bonds), or valuable jewelry or works of art. We will invest your gift to maximize its value, thereby insuring that the income produced funds an annual Campaign gift in your name. Meanwhile, the principal remains intact as a permanent resource for the Jewish community.

For more information contact Stew Bromberg, (502) 238-2755 or
The Jewish Community of Louisville does not provide legal advice.  Donors are encouraged to consult their independent tax and legal counsel.

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