AJ Plans “A Country Selichot” for Meghan’s Mountain

As a recent famous ‘biography’ states in its title, Cancer is the Emperor of Maladies. Almost everyone I know has either had the disease or has a family member or close friend who has died from it or, more fortunately, fought it off.

For those on the journey of fighting it off, Meghan Steinberg is an inspiration. Diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 22, she underwent a stem cell transplant, which for the past six years has helped her stave off this scourge.

But Meghan has never been one to wallow in the depths of despair. Despite her recent diagnosis with a cancerous tumor along her spine and a reapplication of both chemotherapy and radiation, when she is well enough, she continues to be there for those climbing their own mountain of chemo-, radio- and surgical therapies to expunge this poison from their bodies and souls.

She has raised money for her charitable organization to provide therapy games, art supplies, beads of courage, camp scholarships, blanket warmers, exercise equipment, and more for numerous hospitals, cancer centers and organizations to help make the process easier. When she has been well enough to do so, she personally adopts individuals providing personal warmth and visitation. For a list, check out the following link: http://meghans mountain.com/html/praying_for.html
Every year, as a prelude to the Selichot services, which take place late at night, usually on the Saturday prior to Rosh Hashanah, Adath Jeshurun features a charitable cause and a musical theme, which we apply to our beloved High Holiday melodies.

At Meghan’s request, this year we will feature a country sound. Our guest star will be Mickey Clark, Academy of Western Artists winner of the 2009 album of the year, accompanied by the Blue Norther.

Once again, we will do a taping of Kentucky Homefront with host John Gage. Emcee for the evening will be Wayne Perkey of WKYI’s Perkey’s People. An original story by Bob Sachs, Cancer Country, will have its first reading during the program.

In addition to music and narrative, we will hear from the head of one of the many organizations Meghan has helped, an individual whose life was changed by her attention and, depending on her health that evening, Meghan herself or her father Jerry.

If you are climbing the mountain or are praying for someone who is, please make every effort to attend. There will be a prayer sung in the midst of the program during which all will be invited to stand and participate.

Though the program is free, at its conclusion, you will have the opportunity to donate directly to Meghan’s Mountain and then enjoy a delicious dessert thanks to AJ’s Baking Brigade.

So help Meghan guide, support and nurture many more on their treks up their mountains at AJ, September 24, at 8:15 p.m.

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