Adath Jeshurun Preschool Becomes Greener Facility

[Archived from January 09, 2009]

The Adath Jeshurun Preschool is taking steps to become a “greener” facility. A new industrial dishwasher purchased with funds from the preschool auxiliary limits the amount of water used and virtually eliminates the use of paper, plastic and Styrofoam products that had previously been tossed away after use. New BPA-free (Bisphenol A is a toxic chemical that can leach from any type of plastic that contains it) dishes, bowls and cups have been purchased from IKEA as well as greener cleaning products. The auxiliary also purchased digital cameras for each classroom.

Since the preschool is a neighborhood school for many students and is located within walking distance of their homes, some families have chosen to walk their children or accompany them on bicycles to school on a daily basis. Taking this into account, the preschool has created a green “car”pool line parallel to the car line that allows parents to drop their children off with the same convenience as those in automobiles. Stop and go signs held by teachers assure that children can cross the traditional carpool line safely. “All this creates a more environmentally friendly preschool,” said AJ Preschool Director Melissa Loyd.

Other green efforts include: All preschool teachers and staff are non-smoking; there is a new cardboard recycling program and all art supplies are non-toxic based on guidelines contained in the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment’s list of products that cannot be used in grades up to 6th. Lastly, the preschool is teaching students about energy conservation by stressing the importance of turning lights off when students leave the classroom.

“As we learn more about simple steps we can take to better our planet and the school,” said Loyd, “we will continue to share them with the community.”

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