A New Year, A New You

The new year is coming and with it, New Year’s resolutions. The JCC is going to become a lot busier, as we are every winter.

To help trim those extra holiday pounds, the JCC created Commit to be Fit, a program similar to “The Biggest Loser.” Individuals will be placed into teams and will receive a weekly workout with a JCC Personal Trainer and Weight Watchers eTool to help with dieting. Commit to be Fit is only open to JCC Members 16 years or older. Prizes will be awarded to individuals and teams who lose the greatest percentage of body weight. The program will run February 4-April 29. Commit to be Fit costs $300 per member with a $20 savings before January 1! Register by calling 238-2727.

Here are a few tips to get you started:


  • Only eat in one place (away from TV)
  • Use a Perceived Hunger Scale (1 is extremely hungry, 10 is uncomfortably full); start eating at 3 and stop at 7
  • Eat quality, not quantity
  • Don’t do other things while eating
  • Chew food well for better digestion

New Exercise Regimen:

  • Pick an enjoyable activity
  • Do it for five minutes, four times per week; if successful, add more days or time
  • Track it on a calendar and mark off successes!
  • Don’t worry about missed goals – try again next week


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