A New Year: A New Start

The High Holy Days come early this year – the beginning of September (although it seems they are always early or late and never on time).
Individually, it is a time for each of us to examine our own behavior, seek forgiveness and start over with a clean slate.

This year, we also have the chance as a community to start over with a clean slate.

Our Jewish Community of Louisville has completed its first full year of operation. It’s Annual Meeting is set for Sunday, September 19, the day after Yom Kippur, and at that time we, as a community will elect a new Board of Directors with new officers. David Klein will be the new Board chair.
A new president/CEO, Stu Silberman is in place.

Under Todd Blue’s and Lior Yaron’s leadership, the 2010 Annual Campaign closed more than $300,000 ahead of the 2009 Campaign – a healthy 16 percent increase. This is significant movement in the right direction, but what our family of agencies needs to deliver the programs and services vital to our community is even greater.

As a direct result of the recommendations of the Program Review Committee, co-chaired by Karen Abrams, Sheila Berman and Jeff Tuvlin, a middle school director, David Siskin, has been hired and new programming to engage young teens is already underway. There’s also an active Teen Connections Committee chaired by Glenn Levine

The new camp and children’s director, Julie Hollander and the Camp Committee co-chairs Karen Kohn and George Polur, have infused energy and excitement into those programs.

The new Community Relations Council director, Matt Goldberg, and CRC Chair Leon Wahba, are focusing on a wide variety of issues. They’ve built a new relationship with a local Muslim group, American Physicians of Pakistani Descent in Kentucky and Indiana and are working with them on a flood relief project for Pakistan.

Progress is evident in many other areas as well.

As we prepare to enter the New Year, 5771, let’s make it a real new year for our Jewish community. Become engaged. Get involved. Volunteer. Support the 2011 Annual Campaign.

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