A Little Quiz About Wills

[Archived from February 20, 2009]

The following True or False quiz will help you measure how much you know – or don’t know – about having a will. To see how you did, check out the answers at the end.

Answer each question true or false.

  1. Most states will honor a handwritten will if it is signed by an attorney.
  2. A married couple only needs to have one will.
  3. If a person dies without a will, the state automatically takes one-half of the estate for probate fees.
  4. It is illegal to open and read a deceased person’s will until after the  funeral.
  5. A “codicil” is the stamped impression that makes a will valid.

All of the answers are false.

While some states may recognize a handwritten will, no state requires that a will must be signed by an attorney.
Each partner in the marriage should have his or her own will.

While it is true that the state, in the absence of a valid will, dictates the disposition of the estate, it certainly does not automatically receive half the amount. However, if you die with no will, there may be a large increase in probate costs.

A will can be open and read anytime after death, or earlier with appropriate permission.

A “codicil” is an addendum added later to a previously prepared will.

To learn more about wills and other estate planning matters, please contact Foundation for Planned Giving Director Alan Engel at 451-8840; email aengel@iglou.com or on our web site: www.jewishlouisville.org.

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