7th Grader Pens Purim Shpiel

It was standing room only at Temple Shalom, Saturday night, March 19, for the fourth annual joint Keneseth Israel Purim Play.

As has been the case each year, the play was brand new and written by a congregant.  Recent K.I. bat mitzvah Hillary Reskin successfully took on the daunting task of making the ancient story sound new.

How did she do it?  Throw in just enough American Idol, or in this case Sushan Idol and add newly found Jewish super powers.

Nevertheless, over 250 members from both congregations were kept in suspense wondering if this could be the year Haman, played and sung by Harvey Schulist, finally got his way.

Fortunately, the KITS “Hams” lead by King Ahasuerus, played by Aviv Nammani, Esther, portrayed by Cantor Sharon Hordes and Mordechai, acted by Ira Weiss, made sure Haman got to his neck stretching party.

But, the story didn’t end with the hangman pulling the lever.  A curious looking “Fat Lady” who looked remarkably like Rabbi Stan Miles, came out bellowing “I have sung. They tried to kill us; we won. Let’s eat!!!!!”

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