TEEN TOPICS | January 22, 2016

From December 18-21, Louisville BBYO hosted KIO BBYO Regional Convention (Kentucky-Indiana-Ohio) for the first time in many years. The theme of this convention was “The Giving Tree” and teens learned about conservation and friendship in a Jewish context. This convention also serves as the end-of-year event for KIO BBYO.

Louisville BBYO members Jacob Finke and Jesse Hymes were de-installed from their regional board positions and Laina Meyerowitz was elected regional n’siah (president) and Charles Bessen was elected regional shaliach (vice president of Jewish herrtiage).

Awards were also given out. Abigail Geller was named Chapter Gizbor of the Year, Joey Schuster was named Chapter Mazkir of the Year and Laina Meyerowitz was named Chapter N’siah of the year.

This convention was coordinated by Audrey Nussbaum and Ashley Waller, Hunter Borowick, and Ava Schumacher were members of the steering committee. Forty-eight members of Louisville BBYO attended this convention.

On Sunday, January 10, Drew Corson AZA elected their new chapter board: Godol (President) Hunter Borowick, S’gan (Vice President of Programming) Ethan Grossman; Moreh (Vice President of Recruitment) Joey Schuster; Shaliach (Vice President of Jewish Heritage) Andrew Tuvlin; Mazkir (Vice Preisdent of Communication) Zach Ellis; Gizbor (Treasurer) Max Strull; and Kohane Godol (Past President) Charles Bessen.

Newly elected Jay Levine BBG officers are N’siah (President) Ashley Waller; S’ganit (Vice President of Programming) Julia Bessen; Morah (Vice President of Recruitment) Jenna Lanzet; Sh’licha (Vice President of Jewish Heritage) Lilli Russman; Gizborit (Treasurer) Abigail Geller; Mazkirah (Vice President of Communication) Ava Schumacher; and Madricha (Past President) Laina Meyerowitz.

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