2013 Federation Campaign Closing Date Draws Near

With only 39 days left to the official 2013 Federation Annual Campaign closing date of April 30, we can work together to reach out to our community and meet our goal of raising $2,141,000.

Currently, the Campaign has registered pledges of $1,331,917 and pending pledges of approximately $350,000, which brings us close to $1.7 million, but we need to work together to reach our goal.

We live in a Jewish community that, over the years, has been the envy of many others across North America.It is time for us to reclaim our fame and show the Jewish community that we are still a strong and vibrant community that not only supports the Jewish community here and around the world, but helps build a stronger Louisville.

Let all who are hungry join us around the table as we tell the story of our exodus from Egypt. This is how I often begin the Seder at my home each Passover.

With your Campaign contributions, together, we can continue providing the programs and services that support our community. Together, we can reach out to help children and families, adults and seniors in Louisville, Israel and around the globe. We can continue funding the JFCS Food Pantry which provides nutritional food for many in our community.

Together our overseas contributions will continue to provide much needed support for children, teens, families and seniors at risk in Israel and around the world. Together we can increase the availability of social and medical services to the many people unable to provide for themselves.

During a recent trip to Florida, Nancy Abrams and Denise Schiller helped host a dinner for 27 Louisvillians on the west coast. The evening showed how strong the connection to Louisville is even when someone is close to 1000 miles away.

This was a wonderful opportunity to update everyone on the achievements we have made and to share plans for our future. It was an opportunity to meet those who were instrumental in shaping the Louisville Jewish community, and to share my perspective on why everyone is still such an important part of the community. I truly felt like I was attending a dinner here in Louisville; the passion, warmth and welcoming feeling were as strong there as they are here.

As we gather together next year to retell the story of our exodus from Egypt to the next generation, may we be able to share the knowledge that we have taken one step closer to living in a world that comes together in peace and harmony, and know that together we all did our part this year to build a stronger community here at home.

For more information on how you can help with this year’s campaign, please go to www.jewishlouisville.org/federation/donate/.

[by Stew Bromberg, Vice President and Chief Development Officer]

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